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As a traveling sales representative I have the opportunity to drop in to many different WOD boxes. I have had some killer WODs with some amazing coaches. At the end of each drop in session the coach would ask me to write a review of the gym. I would ask “where do you want me to write the review?” Generally, the answer was “I don’t know” or “anywhere you can find the gym listed.” That got me thinking, there should be a place where athletes can go to review and research some of the thousands of WOD boxes in the US.

This is a place where anyone interested in fitness can go to find a box that will fit their needs. Each box is a little different. I’ve been to places that have 2 acres of space with multiple buildings and outdoor racks, to places that are only 1,500 square feet and packed with equipment.

At WOD Box Review you can make an informed decision about which box to visit or join, then write a review to help others make their decision.

CrossFit Open 2018

February 23, 2018

CrossFit Open season is quickly becoming my favorite season. In the past I used to love football and hockey seasons, especially the playoffs. I have found that since I started CrossFit 3 years ago I am less interested in that stuff. Don't get me wrong, if the Giants, Jets, or Devils get far in the playoffs I'd be excited. But not as excited as I am to participate and watch the CrossFit Open.

It used to be so much fun as a kid to go out and play football or hockey, imagining that I was Phil Simms or Scott Stevens. I even played hockey into my 20's on a recreational level. I had some great nights with some great teammates. I still have those friendships today. But as time went on I got busy with marriage, kids, career, etc. About 3 years ago I found myself with some free time after work. Pick-up hockey and football games are hard to find for someone in their mid 30s. 

Fortunately, just a few doors down from my office there is a CrossFit (now CrossFit Andare). A co-worker brought me for a buddy workout. I was hooked instantly! I couldn't do a pullup, clean, double-under, etc. I was challenged everyday by the coaches and myself. I even felt like I was getting pretty good at it. Then I watched the CrossFit games in 2016 and realized how far you can go with this sport. They were doing things I didn't even know existed. So for the next year I pushed as hard as I could to learn as much as possible. I improved in every movement that I tried not in a major way but there was improvement. I learned how to rope climb, string together double-unders, break 200lbs with my clean. So, I decided to participate in the 2017 CrossFit Open....and got my ass kicked! I have never been more proud to compete. 

Tonight is the night I've been waiting almost a year for. Dave Castro will announce 18.1 (and hopefully make sense of that weird hint that he posted). Tomorrow I will head to CrossFit Andare to compete with (not against) my fellow athletes. I have no idea what WOD well be doing, but we will be cheering each other on and picking each other up. This makes the CrossFit Open one of the most exciting events of the year....at least for me. Good luck to all the competitors!